ClioCup Cup China Series

Clio Cup Asia Series is a one-make race formed by FRD Motorsports. The main machine will be Clio by Renault from France. Clio Cup had been promoted in 15 countries worldwide, and Clio Cup Asia Series was introduced since 2009 and started the race in circuits within China. By 2018, there will be more drivers to compete in this series in circuits around China and South East Asia to test the overall techniques of all drivers, which will be Zhuhai International Circuit, Shanghai International Circuit, Buriram International Circuit and Sepang International Circuit.

Renault Clio Cup Asia Series brought by Kenneth Ma, the founder of Zhuhai Formula Racing Development had come to the 10th year in 2018. With all different models of Clio Cup car showing along the series, the race will be running in teams next year. The act can let team managers to seek for their preferred drivers, mechanics, engineers, or even coach team, while the team will need to have race strategies just like WTCC and CTCC, instead of individual driver’s result.

Kenneth expressed that, “Renault Clio Cup Asia Series is one of the most exciting and professional motorsport events in China. The imported Clio Cup car makes it the most attractive series for amateur and professional drivers. Currently the series is running with the latest Clio MK4 Cup car with upgraded engine with 260hp, and the brand new components that used to produce the Giti slick tires had also put this hatch to another level. The 2nd half season of 2018 will bring the Clio Cup China drivers to Malaysia and Buriram International Circuit. This upcoming season will be totally different with the past 9 seasons in China.”

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Originally begun by Renault Sport in Europe, managed and organized by Formula Racing Development (FRD) in China, the Clio Cup China Series

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