About C1

Celebrity Race by FRD had been holding for years in Shanghai during Octobers every year. Its purpose is to aim at making spectators to feel 

the excitement of racing, to see their idols racing, and more importantly, to let more audience to support charity and help whoever it needs 

the society to help. For the first 2 years, FRD joined Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation to held the “Jackie Chan Cup” Charity Race, which 

mainly contested by Asian female celebrities. In 2006, FRD successfully organized the Hong Kong China Travel Service Cup, with stars like Alan 

Tam and Eric Tsang. From 2007, FRD cooperated with Jet Li’s One Foundation Project, and organized the One Foundation Cup Charity Race. 

Jet Li and all attended celebrities encourage spectators to support charity. Over a decade, there were more than 80 celebrities joined the 

Celebrity Race, and the race raised 9 million RMB to charities in the past 8 years. We hope that people who need a hand from us will get 

assistance and we wish this event will get more and more support so as to make Celebrity Race sustainable to continue helping the society.

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