Asian Formula Renault is one of the most successful single seater series in China for almost two decades. In the past few years, this series has been a major breakthrough since 2015, when the new Formula Renault was being introduced to the series. While in 2016, “Road to Champion National Drivers Selection Program” supported by Renault Sport Formula One Team sponsored the Chinese young driver program champion who aged between 16-23 to race in the single seater championship in the following season, so as to provide the best opportunity for them to compete with other young drivers from the globe. At the same time, with the new component used in the Giti slick tires, the lap time in Zhuhai International Circuit had improved 3 seconds compare with 2016. The old model Formula Renault group will official named as Elite Trophy from 2018, so as to attract interested parties from different area to join the exciting and interesting Asian Formula Renault Series.

A majority of Formula Renault champions have gone onto lead successful careers in motor racing, most notably Alain Prost who won the Formula One World Championship four times in his career. Other drivers include René Arnoux, Didier Pironi, Kimi Rikknen, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton all of which have gone onto win Grand Prix. Hong Kong F1 driver Adderly Fong, 2008 Asian Formula Renault driver Jim Ka To, Marchy Lee who is involving Audi R8 LMS Cup were part of the successful drivers who had perfect performance when doing Asian Formula Renault during their newbie driving year.

AFR will continue to this amazing series starting from ZIC in March. In addition, the Series will visit F1 tracks at Shanghai and new tracks like Korea and Zhejiang for races. With FRD’s sophisticated & effective promotional approach and massive support from the teams, drivers and partners, AFR will try to bring another brilliant season and lay down a solid foundation for more new development in 2018.

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